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I help startup and rapid-growth stage digital businesses to quickly scale and achieve 8,9, and 10 figure exits through aggressive marketing and sales strategy and execution.

I have worked in digital performance marketing for 10+ years during which time I have managed over $100M in ad spend and generated over $1B in online sales for major brands such as Comcast and Disney. After getting bored of the corporate rat race I joined a local Orlando tech startup, Stax, as their head of marketing and was one of the first full-time employees. During my time with Stax, we profitably scaled their marketing spend by over 1,000%, acquired 25,000+ customers, and grew to a valuation of over $1B under my leadership.

I am now the Chief Ads Officer and cofounder of Ascenditt, a rapid-growth e-commerce and SAAS consulting firm, where I have consulted for, invested in, and helped to scale 50+ digital SMBs and ecommerce brands, several of which have reached 8-9 figure valuations.

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Whether it’s general business operations, marketing, sales, raising capital, or even selling your business, I can help you create a roadmap for overcoming your current challenges or maximizing your major opportunities. Sit down with me for a one-time engagement or meet with me on a recurring basis.


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Myself and the Ascenditt team will work directly on and in your business to rapidly scale and increase your revenue using our “done for you” digital marketing and sales strategies.


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As a successful entrepreneur, an expert marketer, a cancer survivor, and a husband I can bring a unique and valuable perspective to your event audience, whether you are looking for motivational content, business execution, technical marketing and sales or something in between.

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I’ve spoken on many of the top business and entrepreneur podcasts and will bring a wealth of value, insight, and entertainment to your audience for free.

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